This Bob bloke is a score – so many holidays to new places! Who knew Blighty has so much to offer a kid who’s travelled so much already?! 🤩

There are times when you struggle to know where you fit in to this new family dynamic. Enjoy the best bits – some lovely memories. Plus a chance to binge on your sporting talents – golf, tennis, football, beach rounders and winning the hotel’s ‘Sportsperson of the Year’ trophy! 🏆

You lose your sh*t when Lulu appears with Take That on Top of the Pops 🔥 You almost self-combust that Mads may be able to hook you up. Alas – a chapter from many moons ago for her!

1993 is gifting you these lessons from the future 🎁

🎓 Play to your strengths. Like sticking to the 100m vs cross-country running. The latter is miserable for you. Let those whippet kids run forever with smiles on their faces. Weirdos.

🎓 Roll with the punches on the slightly bewildering blended family moments – it goes with the territory. Despite appearances, no family is perfect so you can stop telling yourself you’re the problem – you’re doing great and it’s building resilience 😉

🎓 Put yourself in physical proximity of the things you desire! Sitting in on all the rehearsals for that Barnum number totes paid off when they decided they needed a ‘Ring Leader’ (oh the irony). When opportunity presents, be ready to capitalise and be in one of the BEST performances in your musical theatre experience to date 🎪👏🏼

(also cool to be living next to a circus shop – never know when riding a unicycle, stilt-walking or diablo skills may come in handy, right? Maybe I’ll leave that to @alexhiglett 😂)

🎓 Fame ain’t all it’s cracked up to be – you’ll meet your share of celebs and realise they’re all humans, struggle-bussing their way through life like the rest of us. Some are still wrestling with insecurities in their latter years and have their priorities right out of whack. Be glad you get to work through your ‘stuff’ a bit more privately!

🎓 Don’t get tan lines (or get fat) on holiday – we’re reprising the show later this year. Mrs Arnould will NOT be impressed if those immaculately made costumes don’t fit 😵‍💫