Let’s get the sad part out of the way. We’re saying goodbye to Jojo this year and it’s the most upset you have ever felt and seen 💔🥺

🎓 Dogs teach us so much. Like living in the moment and finding immense joy in the simplest things, for no reason whatsoever! They’re a lot more loving and forgiving than a lot of humans too I’m afraid. We’ll miss her but she had a lovely life and was one of the most travelled dogs of her time 🐾

Waistcoats are popular in the ‘90s – good job you’ve got such a great supply of them 😵‍💫

Honestly though – trying to feel comfortable in ANYTHING is a challenge when attempting to camouflage those awkward, triangle boobs that are starting to appear 🙈

🎓 The evolution of one’s body is a lifelong headf*ck for most of us girls. Try not to obsess over it too much, you’ll wish you’d put that energy in to other things one day 🥴

The event of the year is definitely Bob and Mads’ wedding 🔔 So many fun events leading up to it… like a fancy personal shopping trip in London with mummy and getting your outfit tailor-made by Aunty Marie. (We’re keeping her busy this year with another show – those grenadier guard jackets were probably as fun to make, as they were to wear 🥵🤢)

ANOTHER waistcoat to add to the collection too – you should totally wear that brown crushed velvet number with a nice pair of jeans 🤦🏼‍♀️

Your hair-do is the talking point of the wedding – thank god for those those other dancing mummies being so talented with their French plait and tail-combing abilities 🙏🏼

You’ve smashed your first year at high school out of the park academically. Be careful not to peak too soon and get complacent… 👀🍿

🎓 Success leaves clues y’know – I know English seems a bit boring but it will come in handy later 🤓

You also have an excuse for TWO birthday parties 🥳 One for school friends, one for dancing friends. Don’t mix them just yet 😳

The dancing #squad have outdone themselves the morning after a sleepover (v little sleep). The most iconic dance of your time together was devised around that snooker table – possibly thanks to massive energy from Bob’s fry-up 🍳🥓