Brace yourself… This year, you and millions of others around the world are experiencing a monumental emotional shift in to a new reality.

Life will literally never be the same again…

It is 1996 and…


🎓 Seeing a girl in a football shirt (like the collection in your wardrobe that Mads so LOVES seeing you wear 😬) who can also dance, be loud and hang out with her very diverse, fully expressed group of female mates, has perhaps inspired a new view of the world?!

It may be a coincidence but Mrs Speed has noted on your school report this year that you must “guard against over confidence”.

She’s not wrong… you do enjoy being the class clown 🤡 On one occasion, you pretend to climb out of a second floor classroom window during detention to make everyone laugh – resulting in a beetroot-faced head teacher sprinting across the playground, yelling at you to get back inside.

You think you’ve got away with it, until Mads very coolly asks you the following morning to use the front door when you arrive at school – NOT the window. Her calm and collected discipline strategies are quite terrifying.

🎓 Being the comedian is a good thing for you. But using it as a strategy for attention and avoiding the seriousness of some of life’s issues, is not! One day you WILL understand this and find your boundaries with it 😉

Watching the Euro ‘96 penalty shoot-out against Germany will bring tears, along with a dramatic desire to stay in bed and not go to school the following morning 😭 ⚽️

(Mads says “you’re being ridiculous” and you eventually drag yourself to school to continue crying about it with Leon and Emma – they’re the only ones who get the depth of this emotion️)

You’ll discover over the summer holidays that there’s a delightful biological reason that your emotions are all over the place right now… it’s not fun but I’m afraid it’s something you’re going to have to deal with on a monthly basis for the majority of your adult life 🤕

And look at all your lovely friends now coming to the same big birthday party! 🥳

I don’t think you’re the only one whose hormones are starting to kick in…! 👀