Other than a final (supposedly) dancing school show and its dramatic plot twist – the MILLENNIUM is upon us 🥂

Better take a ton of booze in a backpack to London for the fireworks – just in case the world ends 👀

On a night where millions descend on to the streets of the capital, you naturally bump in to a family member. I won’t tell your mum what happens if you won’t tell my mum? Cool 🥳

Trudy the Fiesta is finally able to be driven after 7 long months and no less than FOUR attempts at your test 🚗 🎉

Your first drive (the same morning as acquiring your licence) is to navigate the traffic through Epsom (on Derby Day) to get to dress rehearsals.

🎓 Arriving safely to cheers and applause lead by Vicky, you feel very loved – maybe it was divine timing to take this long to pass 🥰

(Vicky also hands you a card with “I’ve had this in my handbag for months – I thought I’d never be able to give it to you!” 🤣)

🎓 It’s been an emotional journey of repeat failure that you haven’t encountered in anything else (yet). Trust that it absolutely made you a better, safer driver. Which is probably reassuring to Mads who weeps in the driveway as you head off solo 😭

So lovely to see everyone for the traditional post-show party, with an extra special vibe this year 🥹

Miss Janet gets a great send-off and sets us up with a Royal appearance over the summer as a parting gesture! Pretty spesh 🤩

I know you think you’ve totally got life sussed at this point. Let’s not forget you spent most weekends stumbling back to Surbiton to stay at Nanny’s because it was closer and a cheaper cab home after a night at The Works or the numerous other 18th birthday parties happening 🪩💃

Stealthily stab the key at the lock several times before tripping over the door threshold, then hearing Nanny groan “that you Amy Lou?” through her snores at 3am. Not quite the ‘independent woman’ Destiny’s Child would have you believe after all yet, huh? 🤨

That red snakeskin two piece and over priced “up do” was probably overkill for a party at the Charrington Bowl function room?! But everyone you love is there having a good time – which is really all that matters 💜