Holy shitballs Ames – school is OUT 🤯

Making it to Year 13 earns you the right to sit on your arse as a steward for the annual charity walk. Try not to let your deck chair with BBQ set-up distract you from looking out for the safety of the kids, yeah? 😬

Aside from a Biology field trip in the rain to Somerset – staying in a mansion/haunted house, yielding many belly laughs – the last year has felt like a long old slog through subjects you’re not really that interested in.

Going from A* and A grades to much lower scores in this ‘system’ has been a struggle but know this…

🎓 NONE OF IT MATTERS. I promise you, work ethic and a willingness to see things through (when you don’t always want to), will serve you as much as anyone with straight As and their first choice of degree. It seems everyone bags a spot at uni (regardless of results) which is really going to piss you off. Roll with it for now… this experience will – as always – help make sense of the world later on.

Why not take one of those ‘gap years’ and reassess? 🤔

It’s time for a rite of passage for British kids leaving school – the budget, package-holiday to the Med. Theme park wages won’t stretch to Ayia Napa, so, Faliraki it is 🙈 The rise of a phenomenon known as garage music is a trend that your future mates from north of London won’t really understand – so this trip is well timed 😎

I’m amazed all three of you made it home but rite of passage = TICK! ✅

You land your first grown up job as a PR Assistant in a proper office – giving you insight in to the misery of corporate life on the morning of 11th September 2001.

🎓 Any human (yes, even your boss) concerned with “how it will affect our clients” while watching planes being intentionally flown in to buildings, is not worth your loyalty. Wise choice to organise some travel over staying here for the rest of your gap year.

Bob and Mads move to a new, modern and much bigger house which is pretty cool – albeit you’ll realise you took the countryside of Headley for granted as you get older.

It’s a great place for a 19th birthday shindig with so many of the same lovely faces still in attendance! 🥰