I know this gig isn’t doing much for you on the academic front. But your latest emotions on that are worth suffering for now – certainly doesn’t seem to be stopping you enjoying the full University ‘experience’ 😳

🎓 The only thing that truly IS suffering, is your waistline. If there’s one thing I wish you HAD learned by now – with or without formal education – it’s what calories are and how they work. Unlikely you’ll learn any time soon having ended up in an apartment directly above the on-site bar at the halls of residence 🥴

You and the other slackers have a superb roster in place for attending campus in person, then distributing the notes to one another. Team work sure makes the hungover, PR degree dream work 👏🏼

Most of your new friends have boyfriends and you occasionally wonder if that’s something to take seriously yet – y’know, being in your TWENTIES and knowing everything else about life 🧐

Flag that – more fun being chums with this Scouse bird who’s also single (despite her best efforts to stalk boys from your well-positioned room). She doesn’t compute that army-rolling on the floor to hide when they see her spying, is somewhat ineffective in full-length windows 🤦🏼‍♀️

Returning to dancing for this year’s show is a great incentive for addressing the weight gain from this oh-so-healthy new lifestyle! Such a blessing to be asked back for the show – you may never have had the chance to wear a pair of gold, crotchless chaps otherwise 👌🏼

⏰ Perfectly timed dress rehearsal the morning after the student summer ball. Don’t bother going to bed – just sleep on the 5hr coach ride to London and sweat out the Lambrini for the rest of the weekend 🤢

It’s a ‘tricky’ summer in Spain but as always, you find yourself with a great bunch to pull you through the challenges 🙌🏼

As for turning 21… you’re not short of love from all the lovely humans in your life. Long established ones and all the new acquisitions are on-hand to celebrate 🎉

Every year that passes, you seem to collect a few more amazing people in your life. If nothing else Ames – you do seem to have a knack for attracting some very good eggs wherever you go 🥰