Definitely feel like we’re adulting back in London (vs ‘studenting’). Good to get the odd fix up in Leeds but the vibe has definitely shifted for the girls up there now they’re having to actually study a bit! 🤣

I know it sucks to still be living with the parents but considering you’re spending 14hours of the day out of the house, you may as well try and save a bit of cash. An all-expenses paid trip to NYC for a Broadway opening definitely helps suck that up. Landed on your feet for now it seems 🙌🏼

Team Taylor travelling Europe is a perfect excuse for a mini-break with Mads to Barcelona ✈️ What a stunning city that is with all its gorgeous and wonky architecture 🤩 (to be fair, anywhere is gorgeous and wonky after multiple jugs of sangria on Las Ramblas 🤪)

Life doesn’t get any scarier in London than going to work on 7th July 2005. Your poor punctuality serves you again – unknowingly being on the train behind the Edgware Road explosion. That’s a day we won’t forget. Definitely a reflective, philosophical few days 💭

The slightly scary decision to leave Uni is paying off – this ‘grown up’ life is great, right? This Grown up job, grown up boyfriend… don’t get carried away though… The latter is coming to a rather devastating conclusion at Embankment Tube station on your actual 23rd birthday. It’s the first time you’re going to feel that whole gut wrenching grief-esque thing again but this time it’s a bit different.

🎓 This is what we call your first real heartbreak Ames… I know – it’s the worst, truly! 💔 The after math is going to drag on a while and test your tolerance – on a lot of things/people. And theirs of you! This chapter is a bit of a rite of passage many of us go through and often a catalyst for understanding the scope of our emotions in order to be a real grown up. Or at least, the next chapter in attempting to be one! 😬

Seriously though, you need to get off of this tube platform… your red, puffy, snot-filled, sobbing face is making fellow commuters uneasy. Just drag yourself back to Sutton on the next available train and ugly cry over copious amounts of red wine and scotch with Mads and Bob 🍷🥃