This is the first year with limited photos. Perhaps a purgatorial time in history between “I can’t be arsed taking the films to Boots” and “let’s document every breath on this Bookface thing” 😵‍💫

Take That could not have released a cheesier reunion song at this exact point in your life 🎶😂

What’s the most fun thing you can do a month after your first serious relationship ends? Go to a family wedding of course! HOO-FUCKING-RAY AMES 🥳

🎓 Everyone treads on egg shells about starting any kind of conversation with you in case it sets you off. Which is worse than just bluntly asking how you’re doing and getting the inevitable over with… if only we’d known how to #leavenothingunsaid in these moments?! 🧐

A few wines in to the reception – Aunty Sally nails this as only she could and her big hug sends you over the edge 😭 Speed walk surreptitiously to nearest loo, sob uncontrollably, slam the remainder of current glass of wine, bathe red eyes in cold-water-soaked toilet paper AND GET ON THE BLOODY DANCEFLOOR 💃🏻🍾

Job done in 10mins flat. Nothing to see here. Champion 💪🏼

🎓 Weddings are something you’ll eventually embrace and enjoy as a singleton – just as well, because there’s going to be a lot of them to attend over the coming decade 🤪

A positive of emotional turmoil is definitely weight loss. I don’t love focussing on body image talking to my 24yr old self – it gets more than enough rent-free space in your head in coming years. But I’m giving you a little kudos for making healthy choices at a time when hitting the booze a few nights a week in London town was very tempting.

That comes later this year when giving online dating a try for the first time. It is more effort to write a profile on match.com than it is to prepare a bloody CV 🤨

V Festival with a couple of the best crew and a second ‘work’ trip to NYC are two sweet deals. Life seems back on track – time to set a big new goal 🤔

Let’s see… got dumped, can’t stand dating… LEAVE THE COUNTRY! Yes, that’s a great plan and reliable strategy for avoiding adulthood. A year of travel on one of those ‘round-the-world’ tickets… perfect ✈️🌏