From limited photos to having this ‘Bookface’ website thing to document every breath during a somewhat monumental year… 🤪

🎓 Thinking ‘X’ pounds was enough to survive a year was a little naive – yay for access to further 0% credit cards in the UK. But everything for a reason (again), without this trip you’d never have know that and you’’ll get better with age at managing your money 😬

🎓 You will never be as carefree as the first 5days of this new adventure. There’s something spesh about Fiji. Hopping from one tiny island to another – with minimal possessions, using cold water outdoor showers – really makes you realise just how much crap (materially and emotionally) you’ve gathered up and held on to over the last few years! Dropping in on an orphanage is also pretty humbling 🥺

Australia for Christmas – your first EVER away from family so it’s comforting to be around familiar faces! 💜

🎓 Throwing yourself whole heartedly in to new environments has seriously paid off in terms of the quality of people doing the same – never stop doing this💡

Discovering a concept called WOOF-ing is a revelation – free full board for doing a bit of farm work? COUNT ME IN! Turns out you’re not really a horse person but ARE pretty good with children… and turns out this lovely horse lady loves that! Probably harder work than shovelling manure but a great experience to add to the memoirs.

🦘The Oz Experience bus out of Sydney brings a lovely friendship with Lucy and Harry – a brother/sister team (from Croydon!), who remain solid, awesome travel buddies all the way up the east coast, with plans to reunite Queenstown after your stint in the outback. Nimbin is a particularly memorable spot to be together – such delicious cookies 🍪😵‍💫

🏔 Walking down the hill from your hostel upon landing in Queenstown is a feeling that’s hard to articulate! Aside from being a visual masterpiece, there’s just a slightly magical feel to this place. Glad you planned to just “do a ski season” 🧐

Unsurprisingly, the job you manage to get and (balls freezing 🥶) room you rent both lead to more incredible humans on the scene. Definitely some keepers here 🥰