In the words of @katyperry (future bestie and life mentor), this year was definitely “never the way I planned” following a plan for a ‘year’ of travel.

This is a year of new things… which is never a bad thing 🤷🏼‍♀️

✅ New job as Executive Assistant at one of Queenstown’s fanciest hotels ⭐️

✅ New experiences thanks to the new boyfriend and other legends now present in your friendship circle. Not sure stock car racing is your thing but it was nice enjoying 19litres of G&Ts in the sunshine 🥴

✅ New house to rent – one that is warmer than living in an actual fridge/freezer! Also a great excuse for overseas visitors coming to stay, good parties and hangovers 🤕

✅ ‘Orphan Christmas’ is a new concept also. One that truly warms the soul when you understand it’s exactly what it means to have friends you think of as family as you all share the common ground of being away from your own. We call this a ‘framily’ and you shall have many of them in the future 🥰

With the local amateur dramatics company putting on a production of Grease in May 2008 – perhaps you were always destined to stay a little longer in Queenstown? It’s been a while since being on stage and noone else in town could have stuck out their knockers so proudly for 3hours a night with a desperately annoying, nasal voice. You only get the chance to play Patty Simcox once in your life and you took it on with gusto 📣🎉

🎓 Showbiz brings more great friends – definitely a running theme for your life and one to take note of – forever more! New experiences and environments that feel this good can only yield amazing people and connections 💜

More pom poms await… from the welcome entourage screaming in arrivals at Heathrow when coming home for the first time in almost two years! We like making an entrance and they did you proud 😂

You can’t be at home when an @arnouldschool show is happening and not be involved. From memory, this trip was in fact planned entirely around this event. Perfect excuse for many reunions and bossing a few kids about who have no idea how lucky they are that whistles and canes are no longer being used to keep them in line 🤪