Not letting up on life-rollercoaster riding then Ames?! 🎢

18months in to a whirlwind romance, you’re taking a very grown up step and buying your first house. In purely practical terms – it makes total sense. Albeit your understading of the word “mortgage” right now would be hazarding a guess it’s a cold room where they take dead bodies. Not an entirely left field definition given the imminent direction of said relationship ☠️

🎓 You’re still a young ‘un and there’s nothing wrong with being happy in the moment. Your future self is envious that you find this so easy. Making (much deliberated over) choices to support the progress of your relationship while simultaneously shitting yourself is your version of living life. Growing up is a continuous learning curve. All I would say is – it might actually be worth voicing those fears to this poor bloke. He loves you a lot but he’s not a mind reader 🔮

It’s wedding season on both sides of the globe! 🥂🍾🇳🇿🇬🇧

First up, the lovely Nic & John – who have a similar story to yours at this point. They’re destined for a very different journey mind 😂 They throw a good one too – a pretty stunning day and a rare opportunity to see these Kiwi boys scrubbing up rather well 🕺🏼

✈️ Next up is a second trip in 8months for bridesmaid duties at Soph’s nuptuals – yes, there’s truly hope for us all 🤣 Gutting to miss a sailor themed hen do – such is the trade off of living at the literal end of the earth. Your friends continnue to be a bunch of legends – laminating your face to accompany them around Marbella. On seeing the photos, probably best you weren’t there after all 😵‍💫

Wedding fever continues on your return to NZ with a proposal. To YOU that is. Sweet baby jesus and the orphans… ENGAGED 🤯 (and kinda liking it… for now! 😬)

After a great couple of years at the hotel (going out with a bang hosting an uber-successful charity Bingo night), it’s time for a new challenge as a travel agent. HELLO Flight Centre! 🥳

🎉 Bob & Mads make an epic world tour – coming to ‘Straya and NZ to round off a pretty eventful year!

Brace yourself – this rollercoaster is currently on a steep ascent🎢