🍰 👼 You can be both an angelic little cherub AND eat a lot of cake. Fook it, have TWO cakes for your 1st ever Birthday. Why the eff not.

🌏 You, Mummy and Jojo 🐾 are all off to the other side of the PLANET to join Rexy Boy (aka Daddy) in a land Down Under 🇦🇺 This is the first of a few trips you shall make that will prove pretty pivotal throughout your adult life…there will be tears. For now – just enjoy spending some time with even MORE family! 🥰

✈️ Travelling the world is going to build a LOT of resilience in you. You will need this. So do LOTS of it.

👦🏻 You’re going to meet your half brother Peter – exciting! He’s a good egg. He’s also going to be an IronMan when he’s older – which is why his legs never looked like yours did after eating all that cake.

🤕 This is also where you’ll pick up a scar on the face that will be quite the conversation starter in years to come.