One photo in particular seems the most poignant to draw some learning from in this little collection 📸

Quite a full circle moment right here 🐬

The lesson?

Absolutely EVERYTHING happens for a reason 🙌🏼

You’re right to be making such a face at the whole Sea World experience – not great 🥺

I promise you most humans are good inside and will improve on some of the world’s problems you seem so disgruntled about already. Know that you can always see things your own way and be the change you wish to see.

Mads is going to have to make a tough decision about our future this year. She really is quite the tough cookie, your mother… she’s not had the happiest time in Australia. So it’s back to Blighty we (with the dog) shall go ✈️🇬🇧

Funnily enough – you’ll be faced with a similar tough choice yourself one day… there’s actually noone better equipped, to share your future life’s conundrums with than Mads – as you will discover.

Funny how our history has a tendency to have such synchronistic parallels with our future 🔮

Tons of good times ahead – despite the inferior weather ☔️

(Between you and me, I reckon Mads’ main motivation in leaving is actually to bash that shocking Australian accent out of you… and for goodness sake, stop showing everyone your knickers all the time – you little scruff 😬)