You will start two schools this year – both of which are going to have a huge impact on your life!

But in particular – this multi-generational amazingness you are stepping in to, known as The @arnouldschool 🩰

Mummy was one of the very first, original students to ‘tread the boards’ under this dream team of Phyl & Norma Arnould when she was about your age… how bloody cool is that?! 🥰

That Mary Poppins lookalike is your fairy godmother, Norma. She was the one serving you champagne at your christening a coupla years ago – clearly she’s already established herself as a legend in your life. And to anyone else lucky enough to experience her magical ways 🧚‍♀️✨

Without further ado, let’s recall one of your finest achievements EVER… appearing on the one West End stage your father never did but so desperately wished he had! 💪🏼😂

The London Palladium 💃 🎉

Alongside none other than Ms Cilla Black, followed by a chat with the very special Diana, Princess of Wales herself… All at the grand old age of 4years old 🤯

Be sure to milk this one for MANY years to Rexy Boy! He’s super jel 😝 To his credit, he did send a FACSIMILE message all the way from ‘Straya – which is kinda sweet given he’s probably missing you a lot and would love to be there himself 💕

You’re also off to ‘proper school’ with another legend of her time – Mrs Dainty (what a name!) 📚🎓

You’ll later discover this is a private school – which your mother can absolutely NOT afford right now. But like always, she finds a way 👊🏼

And thank god she did. This first couple of years learning to read, write and comprehend the English language, will empower your communication and relationship building abilities more than you can possibly imagine later on in your life 🙌🏼

(Thanks mummy – none of this would have happened without your intuition, incredible resilience and bloody gritty work ethic… any wonder you need a few gins to put up with me these days 😬)