OK Amy Lou… let’s talk about this whole ‘traditional’ school thing. Its not going to be anywhere near as much fun as dancing school, but you gotta grin and bear it for now kiddo.

I can tell by your various expressions here that you have mixed feelings. Hopefully that nectarine a day can keep the pouting away 🍑🥺

Look – school isn’t for everyone. One day you’re going to feel EXTREMELY passionate about this and for good reason.

BUT… for now…

…aside from Mads needing to work full time to pay the bills, this is a time where it’s kinda just the done thing to go to school like most other kids do. So try not to be so chatty (it’s distracting for the others 😬), work hard and do your homework.

Daddy is currently appearing in the West End production of Les Miserablé – something we are all pretty proud of him for 🥰 (he is particularly good at dying very dramatically on the barricade and manages to do so multiple times per performance 🤷‍♀️).

You probably don’t need to study the full, printed, Les Mis orchestral/musical score quite so seriously to learn all the lyrics 🎼🎶 But it’s probably a good idea given you secretly want to audition for Cosette… but you’re a bit too scared to sing in front of people just yet.

🗣 Let this lesson sink in right here RIGHT NOW though… IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU AUDITION AND FAIL TO GET THE ROLE. Because I know you’re quietly telling yourself that.

Lovely Henning is doing his standard, generous spoiling and taken you to a couple of other West End shows on his latest visit to London. Your face could do with showing a little more gratitude here, mind – the Phantom of the Opera is pretty special! 🎭

Growing up is EXHAUSTING so it’s good that you’re sleeping well with Ted (Nanny even knitted him a matching school uniform like yours – super cute!). Keep it up, sleep really is a superpower 😴 You’ll even tell all your friends that it’s what we’re supposed to actually DO at “slumber” parties – you’re so clever and cool! 🤓

A birthday party with a magician entertainer and the first of many lovely holidays in Mallorca with the dancing school framily! (I believe you even inhaled a bowl of Norma’s mussels one night which impressed everyone. Nice work – you have expensive taste 👏🏼)

I’d say this was a pretty awesome 6th year as far as childhoods go 👌🏼

Right now, you can’t possibly appreciate what it took for Mads and co to pull these off for you. Here’s a couple more lessons…

👉🏼 If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way.

👉🏼 Invest as much time as you can in to great friendships – wherever you are in the world. That will always pay off (far more than anything you’re being forced to learn in school! 😉) and although some of those friendships may ebb and flow through various seasons, the longest standing are total gems and some of life’s greatest rewards 💜