Look at you making your own lovely little friends! This is going to be a strength for you Amy Lou… I can already tell 💕

Some of these cool kids you’re hanging out with, are a by-product of mummy’s lovely friendships. If ever there were an example of how to sustain excellence in this area of life over the long term – it’s that Mads again 🥰

Random but impressive fact – you demonstrated an aptitude for DIY electrical work around this time by wiring the mains plug 🔌 on a new blender for Mads 👏🏼

Daddy lost patience with it so you basically barged in, took over and sorted it. This is the first of many occasions you will exhibit this behaviour with ALL the parental units. Mainly due to their relationships with technology… trust me, you’re not alone 😵‍💫

A couple of tough things will happen this year…

Grandad Reg will leave us and Daddy won’t be living with us any more. Both of which will mean you see some of your favourite grown ups crying a lot. This is what we call #grief and it’s one of the trickiest emotions us humans have to learn to deal with.

🎓 The lesson? It’s the price we pay for love 💜

In the future, you’ll know that everything really does happen for a reason and always at the perfect time – even if it’s hard to understand that right now 💔

*Side note: needing to know what happens to Grandad now that he’s dead is a tough one for Mads to answer while she’s driving over to Nanny’s house (within a couple of hours of getting the call) 🥴 Excellent suggestion from this new found knowledge though Ames… Yes – we absolutely should put Nanny’s ashes in a vodka bottle when it happens to her 👌🏼😬

About the ballet… it’s not EVER going to be your ‘thing’. Stick with that Laura kid though – the two of you will be a formidable team at creating sly, alternative choreography in all classes when the likes of cartwheels and double pirouettes are way too much faff and effort 🤝💃🏻

Oh and lastly, in about 34years – you’ll massively appreciate how valuable those school holiday all-day activity camps are from a parent perspective 🤯 Don’t worry about the cost. Mads made it happen, you can too 👊🏼