Right then “Amy 8” – you’re collecting a couple of hallmark memories this year 😬

“Ooh, aren’t you tall” is something you’re going to hear a lot from now on – like, forever. Get used to it. For group photos, that means being at the back with the boys. But hey – at least you’re easy to spot 👀

A new school means a new school uniform. Mads has the colour co-ordinated ribbon at the ready for your daily dancing-school-esque grooming (aka scraping) session 🎀

You have the honour of being a bridesmaid for the first time for Vicky & Nick in December. A beautiful, Christmassy wedding at one of the most prestigious churches in central London 🎄⛪️✨

📝 BRIDESMAIDING 101: It’s VERY important that the Bride is the central focus…

…therefore, the last thing you want to do is pig out on the hotel room service so much beforehand that you THROW UP IN THE AISLE, MID-CEREMONY 🤮

🚨This would mean your mother (a vision in hot pink) would need to sprint down the tiled aisle – the clip-clop of her stilettos echoing throughout the vast cloisters of the gigantic building – to get to you.

She is closely followed by page boy Damian’s mother Jan (her outfit resembling Minnie Mouse), and all ushers with their pocket handkerchiefs at the ready to mop up your spew 🥴

Have to say though – you’re such a pro. Jumped backwards enough for the power-vom to miss your dress completely and in true showbiz style, the show did indeed go on 👏🏼

Speaking of showbiz – you do seem to perform well on a stage 🎭

Your ability to cruise through classes (both at dancing and school) with little to no care factor or effort – but pull out ALL the stops when it matters – is going to drive teachers a bit mad… you do you kid, we all need to learn to conserve our energy ✅

Well done on finding the BEST first #squad too. This lot are not only awesome, they have equally awesome mothers to spend the school holidays with 💜

Your squad will keep growing – this dancing school is quite the source for excellent contenders – perhaps you should start an official club where they can all gather???