For the first time so far in this exercise, I’ve had to reach for the tissues! 🥹

The ripple effect of this absolute legend is quite profound to me as I document my 18th year. It’s a no-brainer that this lady gets her own tribute! 🙌🏼

Many of the memories, friendships and experiences I’ve documented so far (and those I have yet to), simply wouldn’t have happened without Mrs Arnould and the @arnouldschool.

My mum was a founding student – later going in to ‘showbiz’ where she met my dad. Were it not for this sequence of events alone, I may never have existed… pros and cons for some of you 😬

Nor would that lovely Bob have likely ever been in our life – his first wife and daughter Kate being involved a couple of decades earlier.

Fittingly, about half way through the year I officially became an adult (ha!) – a lady who had immense impact on my life – passed away. More fittingly, she left us watching – from her usual seat – on the final night, of a final show for many of us at the time 🥲

Those students were among over 50years worth of alumni. Some going on to theatrical careers all over the world, some establishing their own schools and continuing her impact to multiple future generations.

Others (like me), would still be figuring out life for a while but quoting her almost daily. I think this demonstrates ‘legacy’ pretty perfectly 💕

🎓 This was the year I learned about grief for the first time and that we MUST allow it to happen in our own unique ways – for ourselves and others – regardless of the circumstances that may bring it about. I would learn more about this over the years – as we all do. To be shared another time.

🎓 There is no such word as CAN’T. If you must insist there is, it is spelled T-R-Y.

🎓 Double standards are sometimes ok. Like telling us we’ve put weight on over summer while simultaneously offering leftover crisps or buns.

🎓 NEVER wear knickers… under a leotard.

🎓 “Hold your endings – all of you. Make sure you get the applause that you all deserve.”

Mrs Arnould walked her talk too – still getting applause 22years later 👏🏼