What would you say to your younger self?

…better still – what would your younger self have to say about you now? 👀

Mine was a less than impressed going by this particular expression. Sorry Baby Ames… I’m still a work in progress 😬

I’ve spent a few weeks trawling through boxes of old photos that arrived to the Gold Coast via container ship following my mum’s covid-induced relocation last year.

It’s been pretty cathartic (and unexpectedly healing), to piece together my almost 40years and have the legend that is Mads fill in some blanks too.

Various lessons and reflections have come to mind on sifting through these mountains of memories. Not to mention learning new things about myself I previously had no recollection of – but of course make a lot of sense with hindsight.

For the next 40days, I shall do my best to share a few thoughts, ramblings (and yes – maybe some rants) from each of those years 🤪

Things I would want my younger self to know based on that whole new trend of “how it started… how it’s going”. But hopefully with a little substance and maybe even some useful wisdom. ✨

Is sharing a ton of photos and stories about myself a little self-indulgent? Maybe. But if it helps a few of you start seeing some of your own experiences through a more useful lens, I’m game.

I genuinely believe that when we change the way we talk to ourselves, we have the power to massively upgrade our #happiness. One thing I DO know ahead of hitting this milestone birthday is this… our happiness is really all that matters 💜