About me


I am a perfect human, who has all her sh*t together and knows the secret formula for getting mega-rich, permanently travelling the world with my laptop and basically smashing goals in all areas of life. Not to mention documenting it all in perfectly filtered photos on social media. Y’know, like all those other internet-famous life coaches? That’s what you want to hear, right? No? OK, FINE… here’s the truth instead…

Before becoming a coach – I had actually achieved a few of those things and it wasn’t exactly a terrible way to live! I believe everyone should pursue their version of “something better” than whatever average existence they may have defaulted in to… I became a coach to help more people do THAT because I believe the world will be a better place when we have more happy humans in it!

I am absolutely not perfect. But in the specific area of figuring out who I am and being able to leverage that to make money, I’ve walked my talk and got results. Which is what I personally look for when I invest in a mentor or coach.

During my thirties, I’ve invested almost $200k in to my own growth, mentorship and professional development. As I write this, I am looking forward to turning 40 with a personal net worth of close to 7figures. (Albeit in today’s money, that’s not a huge amount in a lot of places).

I’ve had the freedom to spend plenty of time experiencing new adventures, travelling, dealing with life’s curveballs, visiting friends all over the world and quality time with family. That last one is possibly the most important having lost a few of them since.

Since 2015, I’ve essentially been working on my own terms, leveraging a variety of methods to earn income online – primarily to maintain location independence. This remains a top priority for me for various reasons. Even thought it’s hard to beat the Gold Coast of Australia – where I am now based.

Quitting my corporate job in London 18months after starting my first internet ‘side hustle’ was by far one of the best decisions of my life to date in terms of a contributor to my happiness. It’s easy to say that with the benefit of hindsight… it definitely wasn’t all rainbows and unicorn farts getting to that point! 🌈🦄💨

There’s no influencer-esque “I was down to my last $27 sleeping on my mum’s couch” story here. I had a decent childhood, parents divorced when I was 6, both hard working middle class types. Followed the traditional ‘system’ with a state funded education etc. Losing a family member in 2013, was a huge wake up call in terms of how said ‘system’ doesn’t seem to serve the greater good of most people’s happiness – or that of society on a much greater level.

Some people seem to want to know an even fuller chapter and verse of my background. If you’re one of them and would like to keep reading – thank you, I’m flatterered…

Life before “something better”:

(continued from home page – putting it here will save time if I ever write a book…)

Having dropped out of uni in favour of the ‘University of Life’ approach, I decided at 25 that the corporate ‘rat race’ thing wasn’t for me. Getting dumped by my first serious boyfriend at a London tube station helped motivate me to save enough to take off and travel the world for a year (in truth, it was enough for about 2months but HURRAH for 0% introductory interest rates on credit cards… a year it would be!).

That year turned in to 3years, living in a couple of other countries, meeting and buying a house with a guy in New Zealand, getting engaged… then freaking out about all that, ending engagement, dealing with awful emotional aftermath and ending up back in London in another corporate cubicle to try to re-start my life from familiar surroundings. Fun times.

Attempting to now be a “grown up”… I used the nice, safe salary to buy a couple of investment properties in random regional parts of the UK (buying in London was unfathomable) because all I heard was that property was the most sensible investment if you ever want to get ahead.

I also kept seeing these property investment workshops advertised in the free newspaper on the train – so decided to treat myself to a riveting weekend learning about how to do it so fast I could retire in a couple of years… excellent plan! The workshop was somewhat average, but in hindsight a blessing as it was where someone recommended the book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ to me (a game changer in my understanding of money and wealth).

I’d been fortunate throughout all this to work in a variety of jobs for some amazing people and companies, earning a bit more money with each change. I was now in my late twenties and there was always this voice telling me “you’re still not ready for grown up stuff and babies, there’s more you need to do”, or “stay curious – just get another job!”, or asking…

“when the hell am I going to find my ‘thing’? ” Or, even moreso…

The obvious answer to all of this (to me anyway) was to have a quarter-life-crisis and apply for jobs working on cruise ships.

The next obvious thing (again – to me), was to accept one just as I was starting to earn a decent salary. Also to give up living alone in a lovely flat in London for the first time ever, in exchange for sharing a shoe-box-sized-slightly-musty-smelling-with-no-windows cabin, with various strangers as living quarters for months at a time.

Despite this, for the next two years I had the time of my life on board those ships – with a brief spell on a couple of luxury yachts too.

Getting paid to see the world, paying zero tax or living expenses, meeting amazing, like-minded people and learning more about what it means to feel free and happy than I ever had previously… not too shabby.

Some good stories for my future memoirs were definitely collected during this period! By no means was it all easy, but I absolutely loved it.

With that said, I had promised myself I wouldn’t fall prey to this lifestyle long term – like anything, there were pros and cons. I personally wasn’t interested in a long term life at sea and the sacrifices that would entail.

The turning point:

Every time the ship docked – myself and fellow crew members sprinted to the best wi-fi spots to Skype our families.

This is where I started wondering what all these people in coffee shops on their laptops were doing for a living out here in the Bahamas? Because if it meant I could continue this lifestyle without the restrictions of living in the servants quarters of a floating hotel, I wanted IN!

I could end here with “and the rest is history…” given I essentially started emphatic Google searches of “how to make money online”. This only yielded lots of nauseating photos of twenty-somethings sprawled across sports cars and at poolside bars. I was beyond disillusioned. Nothing felt legit AT ALL.

Then I stumbled across a dude (about the same age as me) giving a presentation at a crappy hotel conference for what looked like network marketers and MLM people. I almost skipped the video… (we’ve all had that friend who’s tried to flog us a cringey business opportunity disguised as the latest fad in oils, lotions and potions, right?!)

Because – death:


I subscribed to and started getting emails from this Stuart character – who was kinda handsome but also seemed pretty genuine. He was talking about affiliate marketing and how it was NOT network marketing. I was still intrigued… just.

It was now July 2013 and while working on my final super-yacht, I had received a phone call that my uncle had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had 6-18months to live. I managed to drop everything and get back to London within a week, I sadly didn’t make it to Spain to see him before he passed away suddenly, just FOUR WEEKS later.

It was totally devastating and the first time I’d really experienced losing and grieving a very close family member. Albeit I’ve had more than my fair share of that since – such is the case as we get older.

Suffice to say this was my ‘wake up call’ and I decided I HAD to double down on building myself ‘something better’. Better than a daily commute to yet another halogen-lit office cubicle I had somehow wound up in AGAIN for approx 60hrs/week.
Only another 30years of looking  forward to a retirement I may not even live to enjoy… my Uncle Barry was only 63 when we lost him having worked incredibly hard his entire life.

The rest really is history though… within 18months of investing heavily in to learning everything this Stuart bloke could teach me – I was generating enough money in this new online side hustle to take a leap of faith and commit to it full time in August 2015.

It all started with by setting some big-ass goals then filling my eyes and ears with mindset material to convince myself they were possible. Then adding a set of practical, digital skills… from building a basic website, understanding the power of online marketing, personal branding and how to add value to people by recommending products THEY need (not what you think they should buy to make you a quick buck!)

It was learning affiliate marketing the RIGHT way that initially enabled me to work on my own terms full time as a digital nomad travelling all over the place until eventually settling on the Gold Coast in Australia.

My work later morphed in to other things – such as consulting, coaching business owners on various aspects of digital marketing, even going in to another job for a while as I missed being in a team. (I only lasted about 6weeks though – I missed my morning beach walks too much!)

The best part about all of this was the growth in mindset I experienced. Firstly, understanding that time is NOT money – they are two very separate things.

In 2018 – following more family loss – I went in to a 2year downward spiral of poor mental health. My business to this point allowed me plenty of time doing nothing – which is a blessing and a curse. Bizarrely, I was also earning more money doing less than I ever had at this point. I was totally grateful to have that income, but I didn’t really care. I was lost.

Happiness creates success. Success does not create happiness.

Stuart Ross

That bloke mentioned above - my first mentor and all-round good guy!

In conclusion:


Like many, I used the so-called ‘great reset’ to do the same for myself.

The events of 2020 and beyond lead me to notice a couple of things that the majority of people seem to lack an awareness of…

1) how to confidently communicate and be themselves
2) financial literacy and how money works

As I write this, the world has gone through some pretty crazy and somewhat concerning changes.

Inflation, rising cost of living and threats to our freedom from increasingly authoritarian governments has global levels of happiness and wellbeing on a decline. This is NOT OK.

I know from personal experience that – for anyone with access to a device and the internet – it 100% doesn’t need to be this way. So I’m on my own mission to help change that for as many people as possible.

Money doesn’t necessarily create happiness. But it affects everything that does.

If you’re STILL reading this… congratulations on surviving this scripture of such epic length. I’m flattered and grateful in equal measure!

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and put in the work to create your best life – I promise you – it really is possible. Despite all the doom and gloom you’ll see in mainstream media – it’s a GREAT time to be alive and take advantage of the opportunities for wealth creation that previous generations never had access to.

If you ever find yourself questioning where you’re going wrong in living a good life, always keep these two things in mind…


…oh, and start having better conversations with yourself. That’s the kicker! 😉

Thanks for being here, peace out!

Amy Taylor