Talking to myself (and you!)


My preference for communicating is always talking. But I find writing super therapeutic too – I highly recommend it. Some people call this kind of thing a blog. I call it my ramblings, rants and bants.

I started writing again using a countdown to my 40th birthday as motivation – attempting to document each of my 40years of ‘life & lessons’ over 40days. The photo montages are on my Instagram – it was the most fun place to create them as it let me add some banging tunes from millennial music decades…!

Dear 23year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 23RD YEAR ❤️‍🩹 Definitely feel like we’re adulting back in London (vs ‘studenting’). Good to get the odd fix up in Leeds but the vibe has definitely shifted for the girls up there now they’re having to actually study a bit! 🤣 I know it sucks to still be living with the parents...

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Dear 22year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 22ND YEAR 🎢 You, Juz and Ali land jobs at the New Look store in the city centre. This is courtesy of the recruitment genius of one @hollybarras who thought three hungover idiots in baseball caps at the back of an open day were clearly the pick of the bunch. Being late continues...

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Dear 21year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 21ST YEAR 🗝 I know this gig isn’t doing much for you on the academic front. But your latest emotions on that are worth suffering for now - certainly doesn’t seem to be stopping you enjoying the full University ‘experience’ 😳 🎓 The only thing that truly IS suffering, is your...

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Dear 20year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 20TH YEAR 🤪 Two entire decades of life Ames 🤯 After deliberating over University and road trips to a couple of campuses - you decide it’s a goer. Said road trips also bring the added bonus of ‘colourful’ and very deep chat with Mads 😵‍💫 Your current job at the PR company bags you...

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Amy Taylor