Dear 32year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 32ND YEAR ????????‍???? Moving in with Lils is a good arrangement for now – she gets her favourite carer, you get a roof over your head. Living back in Surbiton is as wholesome as it is bizarre! ???? Lils deteriorates and is soon moving in with Mads. You make it your job […]

Dear 31year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 31ST YEAR ???? These last few months on ships really have been nothing less than an epic adventure – landing some of the best itineraries in 2x 7month contracts! The people – as always – far exceeded expectations and continue to rank in the ‘lifers’ category. ???? You seem to have a […]

Dear 30year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 30TH YEAR ????️✨ It’s hard to believe how much you’ve packed in to this last year Ames, let alone your last decade ???? Working as ‘Cruise Programs Administrator’ for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines was quite the plot twist at this point in your life… but a beyond brilliant one. ???? Turned out […]

Dear 29year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 29TH YEAR ???????? Wow, Ames. Talk about channelling all that heavy emotion in to positive progress. Things are trending back up ✨ Selling high ticket travel certainly seems to suit your financial and travel desires. It also assists in getting ‘creative’ to buy two investment properties. ???? Bravo for investing in you. […]

Dear 28year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 28TH YEAR ???? This is one of those ‘hallmark’ years Ames – one with all the feelings… You started it engaged. You ended it – well, ummm – single. Didn’t see that coming. Turns out things can change fast when they’re meant to ????‍???? ???? I guess the future learning is that […]

Dear 27year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 27TH YEAR ???? Not letting up on life-rollercoaster riding then Ames?! ???? 18months in to a whirlwind romance, you’re taking a very grown up step and buying your first house. In purely practical terms – it makes total sense. Albeit your understading of the word “mortgage” right now would be hazarding a […]

Dear 26year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 26TH YEAR ???????? In the words of @katyperry (future bestie and life mentor), this year was definitely “never the way I planned” following a plan for a ‘year’ of travel. This is a year of new things… which is never a bad thing ????????‍♀️ ✅ New job as Executive Assistant at one of Queenstown’s […]

Dear 25year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 25TH YEAR ✈️???? From limited photos to having this ‘Bookface’ website thing to document every breath during a somewhat monumental year… ???? ???? Thinking ‘X’ pounds was enough to survive a year was a little naive – yay for access to further 0% credit cards in the UK. But everything for a […]

Dear 24year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 24TH YEAR???? This is the first year with limited photos. Perhaps a purgatorial time in history between “I can’t be arsed taking the films to Boots” and “let’s document every breath on this Bookface thing” ????‍???? Take That could not have released a cheesier reunion song at this exact point in your […]