Dear 32year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 32ND YEAR 👩🏼‍💻 Moving in with Lils is a good arrangement for now – she gets her favourite carer, you get a roof over your head. Living back in Surbiton is as wholesome as it is bizarre! 🏡 Lils deteriorates and is soon moving in with Mads. You make it your job […]

Dear 31year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 31ST YEAR 💔 These last few months on ships really have been nothing less than an epic adventure – landing some of the best itineraries in 2x 7month contracts! The people – as always – far exceeded expectations and continue to rank in the ‘lifers’ category. 🎓 You seem to have a […]

Dear 30year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 30TH YEAR 🛳️✨ It’s hard to believe how much you’ve packed in to this last year Ames, let alone your last decade 🤯 Working as ‘Cruise Programs Administrator’ for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines was quite the plot twist at this point in your life… but a beyond brilliant one. 🎓 Turned out […]

Dear 29year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 29TH YEAR 🏆💰 Wow, Ames. Talk about channelling all that heavy emotion in to positive progress. Things are trending back up ✨ Selling high ticket travel certainly seems to suit your financial and travel desires. It also assists in getting ‘creative’ to buy two investment properties. 🎓 Bravo for investing in you. […]

Dear 28year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 28TH YEAR 📉 This is one of those ‘hallmark’ years Ames – one with all the feelings… You started it engaged. You ended it – well, ummm – single. Didn’t see that coming. Turns out things can change fast when they’re meant to 😵‍💫 🎓 I guess the future learning is that […]

Dear 27year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 27TH YEAR 🏡 Not letting up on life-rollercoaster riding then Ames?! 🎢 18months in to a whirlwind romance, you’re taking a very grown up step and buying your first house. In purely practical terms – it makes total sense. Albeit your understading of the word “mortgage” right now would be hazarding a […]

Dear 26year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 26TH YEAR 💋🍭 In the words of @katyperry (future bestie and life mentor), this year was definitely “never the way I planned” following a plan for a ‘year’ of travel. This is a year of new things… which is never a bad thing 🤷🏼‍♀️ ✅ New job as Executive Assistant at one of Queenstown’s […]

Dear 25year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 25TH YEAR ✈️🌏 From limited photos to having this ‘Bookface’ website thing to document every breath during a somewhat monumental year… 🤪 🎓 Thinking ‘X’ pounds was enough to survive a year was a little naive – yay for access to further 0% credit cards in the UK. But everything for a […]

Dear 24year old Ames!

LESSONS FROM YOUR 24TH YEAR🗽 This is the first year with limited photos. Perhaps a purgatorial time in history between “I can’t be arsed taking the films to Boots” and “let’s document every breath on this Bookface thing” 😵‍💫 Take That could not have released a cheesier reunion song at this exact point in your […]