Photographic evidence from this year at school is lacking – perhaps a blessing?!

It’s a challenging year academically – despite the fact you’re actually flying through this shindig with pretty impressive grades across the board. Far exceeding any age-average expectations at this point in English too 🤓👏🏼

I know you’re feeling a little lost kiddo. The pressure on preparing for next year’s GSCE’s – your first significant exams – still makes absolutely no sense to me either 🧐

🚨 Can you believe you’ve had TWO formal meetings with a career advisor at 14years old, to reverse engineer what subjects to specialise in NOW, so you can qualify to take those same subjects for A Level when you’re 16 – to get into University when you’re 18? 🤯

You’re given a form with columns – you must select a maximum of one or two subjects from each. This means you CANNOT do Drama AND PE/Sport. Only one or the other. Which sucks because you’re pretty strong in both and really enjoy them.

🎓 Lesson: tough choices like this now, give us the conviction and resilience to follow our passions later. A lot of people will never do this because they’re being told they MUST get a degree and use it. It will put far too many people on a path to misery. So just trust that making this choice now, is setting you up to make even better choices later… for YOU 🥰

The silver lining? ✨

As a result, you’re massively upping your game at drama and musical theatre outside of school. You land two ICONIC (kind of) roles in this year’s dancing show 😵‍💫

It could be worse – you could have ended up like poor Louisa in the arse-end of a cow 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🐮🐄

The news on Princess Diana crushes you 🥺

🎓 You’re really upset and watch the mainstream media more than you ever will again in your life. Lap it up, you’re learning to be very inquisitive 🤔💭

🎶 The music for this year’s episode is not irrelevant. You’re hardly fan of 1997’s one-hit wonder, Hanson. But it’s going to be an anthem in night clubs you’re yet to frequent. More importantly – a couple of your mates will be regularly snogging boys who look like them shortly… which is pretty hilarious 🤣