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It’s not always fun to admit this but YOU are the common denominator in all of YOUR problems. Chances are, you’ve also been the common denominator in any previous success. So… let’s start with identifying why you don’t currently feel “free” and/or “successful”?

Listen to internal conversations to see where they’re serving you and – moreso – where they’re not.

Discovering your top talents will reveal a few of the basic ingredients required for your new, unique ‘success recipe’. But we can go much deeper than that… because what got you here, won’t get you where you want to go. Nothing changes if nothing changes.*

*insert any other choice clichés here


Wherever you’re currently at, you likely don’t have money problems – you have personal problems dictating your relationship with money.

Or… maybe you’re doing well financially but for some currently unknown reason, something’s still feels like it’s missing and life could be so much fuller and more satisfying. 

I don’t care if you’re an employee who’s unfulfilled in a career, or a seasoned entrepreneur earning 6, 7 or 8 figures…

…if you have mental blocks around how much money you make, or any ‘icky’ feelings about the way you make it, I’ll lay a bet what we discover here will be showing up in other areas of your life in some way. It’s too fundamental to being human for it not to.


Time to ‘join the dots’ from all that prep… creating our personal best at being human is an ever-evolving masterpiece which takes time and ongoing commitment to learning.

But I promise you this – discovering and doubling down on a foundation of what you already do best, is a LOT simpler (and quicker!) than the heavy lifting involved when we’re told to “work on your weaknesses…”.

We definitely need to learn to manage those, but we’re not prioritising them.

Full permission to ugly cry here… gaining new perspectives, lightbulb moments and dumping the self-talk that is no longer serving us, is an emotional journey. But such a worthwhile one.

When you KNOW your value, you’ll start getting what you’re worth – in everything.


I once read, “success lies at the intersection of mindset and action. I like to think of it as more of a crossroads where we add talent and knowledge to this equation. You need all four of these in my opinion. 

Knowing yourself and knowing money is a magical combination for intentionally designing your ideal life – rather than coasting along with a status quo that feels a bit “meh”… even if it’s what most people may seem to be doing.

When you’re clear on YOUR personal definition of what freedom and success looks like, you may be surprised by how close you already are to creating it. This is YOUR life and YOU get to decide what it looks like.

Along the way we’ll discuss the connection I believe all of this has to Bitcoin! We’re living through a transition to a brave new world and understanding this technology is (in my opinion) critical to understanding your financial freedom and future. 


I use the Gallup® CliftonStrengths® framework as a foundation for coaching. Gallup believe that transformation happens through conversation and I whole heartedly agree.

This assessment uncovers your natural ways of thinking, feeling and behaving – in other words, what you ALREADY do best. Working with a coach to develop those talents in to strengths, has been proven to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of over 28million people worldwide.

If (like me) you tend to be a bit of a skeptic, the data has spoken – this stuff works! Imagine how much easier life would feel on a daily basis if you were intentionally approaching everything with behaviours that you already excel at?!

Don Clifton was an American psychologist, educator, author, researcher, and entrepreneur. He asked the question, “what would happen if we studied what is right with people instead of focusing on what is wrong with them?” , then developed CliftonStrengths® using his many years of research.

Unlike other assessments that tend to place participants’ results in to a few simple categories, the odds of your top 5 natural talents being the same as ANYONE else, is one in 33.3MILLION.

I believe the world will be a better place when we have more happy humans in it! This starts with each individual understanding their natural talents, then intentionally using them to lead their best life.

Amy Taylor


certified strengths coach

Leave Nothing Unsaid

This is a little mantra I like to live by… 

I believe our best version of everything is on the other side of our most courageous and authentic conversations. This starts with the one we are having with ourselves. When we upgrade the way we talk to ourselves, we upgrade the way we relate to – and communicate with – everything and everyone else in our lives.

Humans are blessed with the ability to communicate and express themselves like no other creature – it’s literally responsible for the evolution of our species. It’s also the source of most of our problems when it comes to our relationships with one another and society as a whole.

The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place…

George Bernard Shaw, Playwright

About me


I’m basically a perfect human, who has all her sh*t together and knows the secret formula for getting mega-rich, permanently travelling the world with my laptop and basically smashing goals in all areas of life. Not to mention documenting it all in perfectly filtered photos on social media. Y’know, like all those other internet-famous life coaches? That’s what you want to hear, right?

No? OK, FINE… here’s the truth instead…

Before becoming a coach – I had actually achieved a few of those things and it wasn’t exactly a terrible way to live! I believe everyone gets to a point where they think about pursuing “something better” than whatever life they have defaulted in to… but only some will actually start doing anything about it. Hopefully – if you’ve made it as far as reading this – you’re in the latter category.

Freedom and happiness looks and feels uniquely different for every individual. I became a coach to help more people figure out their version because I believe the world will be a better place when we simply have more happy humans in it!

I am absolutely not perfect. But in the specific area of figuring out who I am and being able to leverage that to make a living, I’ve walked my talk and got results. Which is what I personally look for when I invest in a mentor or coach.

I’ve invested almost $200k of my own money in to personal growth, mentorship and professional development. As I write this, I am looking forward to turning 40 with an individual net worth of close to 7figures. (Albeit in today’s money, that’s not a huge amount in a lot of places).

I’ve had the freedom to spend plenty of time experiencing new adventures, travelling, dealing with life’s curveballs, visiting friends all over the world and quality time with family. That last one being the most important having lost a few of them since.

Since 2015, I’ve essentially been working on my own terms, leveraging a variety of methods to earn income online – primarily to maintain location independence. This remains a top priority for me for various reasons. Even thought it’s hard to beat the Gold Coast of Australia – where I am now based.

Quitting my corporate job in London 18months after starting my first internet ‘side hustle’ was by far one of the best decisions of my life to date in terms of a contributor to my happiness. It’s easy to say that with the benefit of hindsight… it definitely wasn’t all rainbows and unicorn farts getting to that point! 🌈🦄💨

There’s no influencer-esque “I was down to my last $27 sleeping on my mum’s couch” story here. I had a decent childhood, parents divorced when I was 6, both hard working middle class types. Followed the traditional ‘system’ with a state funded education etc.

Losing a family member in 2013, was a huge wake-up call in terms of how the aforementioned ‘system’ doesn’t seem to serve the greater good of most people’s happiness – or that of society on a much greater level.

Some people seem to want to know an even fuller chapter and verse of my background. If you’re one of them and would like to keep reading – thank you, I’m flatterered – you can do so here!


*I generally try not to take these too seriously - good or bad. Neither should you. I'm not always great at tooting my own horn, so here's some other people doing it instead... toot toot  😬

Amy Taylor