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Conversations with Creators… who are having conversations that matter!

This podcast has one goal – to explore as many conversations and perspectives as possible on stuff we didn’t learn at school.

Y’know – the kind of stuff that would have actually helped more of us thrive (rather than simply survive) as adult humans?!

There’s a lot missing from mainstream education that could positively impact our individual definitions of personal freedom and happiness. Most notably (in my opinion), the cultivating of self-esteem, confidence, creativity and financial literacy.

Through conversations with creators, this podcast aims to deliver valuable insight and actionable advice, to help us start re-thinking what it means to have the sheer audacity to create our best lives… regardless of what anyone else may think of us for doing so!

Available on all major platforms. New episodes every fortnight.


My guests are all examples of their work. They are successfully monetising their interests, knowledge, passions, expertise and experience through businesses and brands they’ve built themselves from scratch. 

They also happen to be sharing valuable, relevant information and contributing to our collective progress as humans. My goal is to showcase the vast opportunity that exists for anyone listening, to do the same.

In many conversations, we discuss the role Bitcoin has to play in this brave new world – one that is being built on a system of meritocracy. A system designed to reward individual creativity and contribution.

Topics are diverse but all aim to bring new insight and hope of a bright future. Rather than the endless impacts of a broken system, serving only those who control it…


Know yourself.
Know Money.
Be Happy.


Your best everything is a conversation away.

Starting with the one you’re having with yourself.

Join 10k readers un-learning the BS rules on life and money…

DISCLAIMER: may contain traces of bluntness, sarcasm and other totally radical stuff, like occasional strong opinions. We’re in a brave new world and it’s ok to disagree around here. 

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