(This is the part on most websites where people write about themselves in the third person. Please don’t do that. It’s weird.)

Amy Taylor

I’m a cheerleader for the brilliant humans who are ready to bet on themselves and start building their income around their ideal life. 

Most people have this backwards. 

(read all that ⤴ out loud until it sinks in).

Most people spend more time in a work place than they do with the people they love. They’re working towards a mythical future that will likely never materialise until they have a paradigm shift around money itself and the stories they tell themselves about it.


I’m a perfect human, who has all her sh*t together, who knows all the secrets for getting mega-rich, while permanently travelling the world with a laptop and smashing goals in all areas of life.

Not to mention documenting it all in perfectly filtered photos on social media. Y’know, like all these other internet famous life coaches?

That’s what you want to hear, right?


Before becoming a coach – I had actually achieved a few of those things and it wasn’t exactly a terrible way to live. 

I feel like most people get to a point where they think about pursuing “something better” than whatever life they have defaulted in to… but few actually start doing anything about it. 

Hopefully – if you’ve made it as far as reading this – you’re in the latter category and ready to start the doing

There’s no cheesy “I was down to my last $27 sleeping on my friend’s couch” story here. I had a decent childhood, parents divorced when I was 6, both hard working middle class types. I followed the traditional ‘system’ in state funded education and got on to the standard trajectory of underwhelming employment after uni with several doses of travel thrown in, in my twenties.

I started my first ‘internet side hustle’ around my full time corporate sales job in London, in 2013. I quit said job 18months later after learning to leverage a variety of strategies to earn income online. 

My main motivation was always to create the flexibility to work when and where I want to. Although it’s hard to beat the Gold Coast of Australia – where I am now based.

Quitting the ‘rat race’ was by far one of the best decisions of my life in regard to my happiness. By the time I left my job, though, I had learned to appreciate it more and could easily have continued my business around it. It’s easy to say that with the benefit of hindsight… it definitely wasn’t all rainbows and unicorn farts getting to that point!

For almost a decade, I’ve had the freedom to spend plenty of time experiencing new adventures, travel, space to deal with life’s curveballs, visiting friends all over the world and quality time with family members before losing some of them. 

That last one resulted in a steep learning curve in two major things that deeply impact our human experience:

1) navigating loss and grief

2) how the current monetary system works. Specifically how it doesn’t serve the happiness of the majority of individuals, or that of society as a whole. 


I’ve invested over $200k of my own money – plus thousands of hours of time – in to my own personal growth, mentorship and professional development. 

There is no question this is the main reason I turned 40 with a 7figure net worth (albeit in today’s money, that’s not a huge amount). I can hand on heart say from experience, that you will NEVER regret investing in yourself. I continue to do so today.

I am absolutely not a perfect human who has all her sh*t together…  

But in the specific area of figuring out who I am and leveraging it to make a living (getting paid to ‘be me’) – I’ve walked my talk, got results and helped a lot of other people do the same. 

That might sound a little cocky. But it’s what I personally look for when investing in my own growth.



I believe our best version of everything is on the other side of our most courageous conversations – starting with the one we are having with ourselves. 

When we upgrade the way we talk to ourselves, we upgrade the way we relate to – and communicate with – everyone and everything else in our lives. Including how much money we make and the quality of life we create as a result.

Humans are blessed with the ability to communicate and express themselves like no other species. This ability is also the source of most of our challenges with one another and society as a whole. We need to get (a lot) better at TALKING to each other… not texting, emailing and passive aggressive social media posting.

This applies in my coaching – we agree in advance that nothing is off the table in terms of questions asked. It goes both ways – you can ask me anything. It may sound terrifying but I promise you it’s effective! 



My coaching is essentially a focus on two pillars of self-exploration, that we didn’t get at school.

Be You: adopt a growth mindset, figure out who you are, lean in to your natural talents, reflect on where you’ve had previous success (and struggle), uncover limiting beliefs and stories.

Get Paid: use these discoveries to start exploring your long lost curiosity and creativity, learn core digital skills, start creating content and assets around your interests, make money. 


Then repeat again.

You won’t see me offering 6-12months of my services up front. If I do my job well, I should make myself redundant within a few weeks or months at most.

I don’t wear trendy hats or get my hair professionally blowdried for photoshoots to post on the ‘gram. (I’d rather spend that time and money on beach walks and Bitcoin… not kidding!)

My main focus is to help you grow an awareness of your own unique value, so that you’re inspired to take relevant action. 

The language of your value in action, is the money that finds its way to you as a result.

What you do with that money is entirely up to you. But having goals that you’ve taken the time to actually do the math on, does help. 

I love a spreadsheet. If you don’t – that’s possibly a problem. But we can address it together. 

A life of freedom and happiness looks uniquely different for every individual. 

Your most important job – as a matter of urgency – is to do whatever it takes to figure out what that means for YOU.


Know yourself.
Know Money.
Be Happy.


Your best everything is a conversation away.

Starting with the one you’re having with yourself.

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