Diving down the proverbial Bitcoin rabbit hole began when I sat down with my 71year old mother to look at her financial position – a year after she lost her husband and her mother. She went from living under one roof with an income of 3x UK state pensions, to a single one. 

With virtually the same living expenses – it simply wasn’t going to be enough.

I had to know WHY this was the case when governments had promised an entire generation of ‘boomers’, this supposedly safe and reliable way to support themselves once they retired.

Topics I frankly thought of as bat sh*t boring, suddenly had a reason to be intriguing to me. Things like: “why” money exists – its history from bartering to stones, to shells, to gold to paper. Why the western world is so incentivised to live in permanent debt instead of saving for the future, why cost of living never seems to stop increasing…

(**I shared an extended version of this journey on a coaching call for Launch You members at the end of 2023. I’ve included a snippet from the call below for a little more context)

Sadly, I’ve met many like me who – having learned about Bitcoin properly for the first time – have done so due to a degree of personal pain. 

Even more sadly, it seems many people wait until they’re forced – ie, by unforeseen or challenging circumstances to pay attention to understanding money and their financial situation at all. 

To appreciate why Bitcoiners are so fanatical about this being a solution to so many systemic problems in society, you first need to understand our existing monetary system.

Only then do some of the dots begin to join as to just how much Bitcoin can fix when it’s adopted as an entirely new global, financial eco-system… one that is built on a meritocracy, contribution and free markets. Rather than crony-capitalism and greed by those who are in control. 

Much like entrepreneurship – this education is more about first “un-learning” the things we have been taught to think of as normal. Then thinking more critically about what makes sense as a solution for the betterment of human beings!

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Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws...


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