Whitney’s 1992 anthem lyrics say a lot of things I’d say to you at this point. And to everyone else in this video actually 💜🎶

🎓 First lesson this year… we DO NOT cut our own hair 🤦🏼‍♀️

You’re not the first kid to do this and won’t be the last, but PLEASE do not do this again. Like, EVER. Especially a fringe that can’t even be glued down with copious amounts of hairspray for photos 🙈

There sure are some interesting outfits going on here! Mads shops for quality over quantity with your clothes. The sailor dress might be a step too far but she was determined to get her money’s worth out of it… hence wearing it on multiple occasions and looking a little over it 😵‍💫

🎓 Many lessons impacting your relationship with money are subconsciously being learned about now. Some will be painful to process later but anything resulting – in this moment – in a gold/aztec bomber jacket can’t be all bad, right?! 🥴

You now have female company in the back row of the school photo from a couple of other leggy birds – both called Eleanor🦒

Ellie Mills uses those legs to be the only girl faster than you in the 100m at sports day – VERY annoying 🏃🏼‍♀️

That Bob bloke starts to appear on the scene a bit more – bringing with him a noisy (but rather fun) rabble of other Ellisons. I think this trip to London Zoo was a cute way to get us all together before next year’s holiday to the Isle of Wight. A long standing tradition in this family 😎

Peter visits from ‘Straya and you rightly think he’s the coolest person EVER. He takes you to a theme park and buys you a Nintendo for your birthday in the SAME day. As half brothers go, he’s probably better than most of your friends’ whole brothers! 🥳

Mrs Shuff was way off with her advice on friendship on that report but that aside, this Geordie woman was a total legend 🙌🏼

Among her many talents was guiding us through hatching and raising chickens 🐓 This resulted in you going vegetarian for the next 7years for fear of Bubbles & Pavarotti ending up as your next McNuggets meal 🤢 But Mrs Shuff is one of those teachers you’ll never forget! 🙏🏼