A parting achievement at Hinchley Wood Primary is successfully passing your cycling proficiency.

🎓 “Safety first” is a good lesson in many things 👏🏼

Side note: not so successful in remembering to take your actual bike to school that day 🤦🏼‍♀️ Mads almost manages to blow your ear drums out with her rage over the phone when you call her from the school office to admit this shamefully epic fail 😫

🎓 She of course still delivered 🚲 and ensured you felt suitably irresponsible. Your powers of organisation drastically improve from here. Lesson learned ✅

Over the summer, we’re going to live with that Bob bloke in his very nice cottage in the countryside. It has a huge garden which is great for football practice – try not to smash his greenhouse practicing free kicks 🥴🙈

There’s a (soon-to-be-iconic) snooker table and a bigger bedroom than you’ve ever had – perfect for sleepovers with the #squad – you can all lie in bed together and watch Death Becomes Her for the 17th time 🎬🍿 #icanseerightthroughyou

This also brings the opportunity to attend a new school. The heartbreak of not getting in to Tolworth with all your dancing friends is a blessing in disguise – promise. An all-girls school wouldn’t have been ideal for you I don’t think 🙌🏼

In the words of 90s pop sensation D:Ream, things really are getting better – even if they don’t seem like it at times.

🎓 Going from primary to high school can be HARD 🤕

As Mrs Devlin says at St Andrew’s induction week: “you’ve all been the big fish in a small pond, now you’re in an ocean full of much bigger fish – maybe even some sharks and whales!” 😳

Terrifying but accurate information to be greeted with 🎯

You settle in quick though and raise the most money in your year for the annual charity walk. So you’re off to see your old pal Princess Di to tell her all about it 💕

You’re now grown up enough to be a babysitter – that Alex kid is seriously cute but he’s a handful! Look out for him though – he’ll be 30 and falling in rivers after a few beers before you know it 👀🤭