🎓 There’s going to be plenty of occasions where circumstances give you very little certainty about the future. Just take the next step rather than worrying about the next ten – things generally work out for the best and you’ll conserve a whole lot of emotional energy.

On that, it turns out choosing PE and Sport over Drama has all worked out – this is going to be a MUCH more fun year! You’re blessed with quite a brilliant group of lovely humans in your year group at school too – teachers included.

The boys are even cheering you on when you’re playing football with them now. What a great bunch of young gents 👏🏼

Some of the teachers look like they’ve only just finished school themselves, but that actually makes them a helluva lot of fun to hang out (and push boundaries) with! They can’t help but love us 😜

🎓 School is far from perfect in terms of equipping you with the tools for thriving at life. As these next two years go by, you’re going to start wondering (and worrying) about the future and where it’s all leading. All I would say from 24years in to your future is KEEP HAVING FUN! Whatever you do next, a lot of kids will never enjoy their high school years this much and you’ll wish you hadn’t quietly questioned it so much 🙌🏼

I’m not quite sure how Bob and Mads came up with the funds but somehow they’ve made sure you aren’t missing out on one of the most epic watersports school camps of all time 😎

Presumably designed to “try new activities in the outdoors”, this was mostly a lot of belly laughs and a resort style holiday. Doesn’t get much better than that 🥰

An hour on hold to a premium number from the house land line (and all those shifts scrubbing floors at Bocketts Farm tea rooms) was worth it. Because Spiceworld at Wembley is upon us! 🎉🥳 I think we – like most – may even have attempted to dress accordingly?!

Your FINAL year of high school starts in September 🤯

Well done for coming through relatively unscathed with some lovely friends. Even with the ability to pass as old enough to now purchase alcopops (using a fake ID – naturally), you’re just about staying on the straight and narrow 😬