Oh little Amy Louise – welcome to the madness that is this big spinning ball we call Earth 🌏

What can I share with you from almost 40years in to your future?

Aside from “strap in kid, yours ain’t gonna be anyone’s definition of ‘normal’ or easy… but you’ll be just fine”, a couple of things have come to mind on flicking through the snapshots of your first year.

A theme worth discussing a-sap: FAMILY.

(from the look on your face, you’re already utterly bewildered by the coupla hooligans you’ve landed with for parents… be nice, they’re doing their best! 😬)

Many people will tell you that “you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family…”

This is 100% solid advice that you’ll value greatly and actually put to excellent use.

But as I sit here now – seeing all the people you’re being introduced to in these first 12months of life, I can’t help but feel the need to reassure you that you absolutely DID choose this family on some level 🥰

There will be occasions when you will question what ‘family’ means…

You’ll ask yourself why you’re an only child – the pros and cons, comparisons to other kids, putting families who appear to ‘have it all’ on a pedestal. This can be super tough but trust me little one – things are never as they seem from the outside 🧐

You have everything you need, are loved by many and ALL of the people you are being introduced to in this very first year of yours are there for a reason! Every single one of these people will teach you valuable and lovely lessons (even if they don’t know it!) about what ‘family’ can look like.

Some lessons will be tough to learn but learn them you must – the future Amy Louise Taylor will require ALL of these people and lessons! Every. Single. One of them.

‘Family’ – as you’ll discover increasingly throughout the next 40years – can look so many ways… and thank goodness for that! Because only by being open to experiencing them all, will you be able to happily navigate, accept, embrace and create your very own version of what it means to YOU 💜