Two entire decades of life Ames 🤯

After deliberating over University and road trips to a couple of campuses – you decide it’s a goer. Said road trips also bring the added bonus of ‘colourful’ and very deep chat with Mads 😵‍💫

Your current job at the PR company bags you a spot on a Public Relations degree at Leeds Met for next year. In hindsight, this is fifty shades of backwards but this academic path has resulted in epic friendships so far so it’s doing something right! 💕

You now have a deadline – let’s put the Aussie passport to work before uni in September ✈️

It’s a daunting prospect to go and stay with dad in Sydney. So you could say it’s a blessing when he stitches you up a week pre-departure by announcing he’s off to Singapore to get his teeth done. Already basking in the joys of 0% credit cards, a massive spanner in the works (a gift of his) 🙄

🎓 Silver lining: quality time with Team Taylor who generously let you crash. Also getting to party with lots of other lovely friends – good training for your liver, pre-uni. You feel utterly inadequate being so broke and forever indebted to them ALL – especially when you soon learn what sharing your space for any length of time is like 🙏🏼

You try earning some cash doing door to door telecom sales – bizarrely, in the same neighbourhood you left 16years ago. An experience to forget 🥴

⛵️ A week scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef and sky-diving makes up for the challenges of this maiden, solo travel experience! The first of many that will rack up a good supply of resilience you’ll need in the future 🤪

Uncle Baz suggests you come to Spain for a week when you get home – free accommodation in exchange for a couple of days ‘work’. DEAL. Jo is happy to jump on this bandwagon – perfection 😎

Your notoriously shit punctuality means finding your tribe on Day 1 of lectures in Leeds. Six of you are thrown together in the front row as punishment for being late. These are your people! 💜

A visibly giant booze shop creates a similarly immediate bond with your new flatmate Helen’s dad. Helen herself has a face like a smacked arse but she’ll eventually love you as much as Billy 🥰