You, Juz and Ali land jobs at the New Look store in the city centre. This is courtesy of the recruitment genius of one @hollybarras who thought three hungover idiots in baseball caps at the back of an open day were clearly the pick of the bunch. Being late continues to work out so well for our crew 🤣

After a giant, snot-inducing meltdown on the phone to Mads while sitting on the floor of the kitchen at Kirkstall, you come to the conclusion that this PR degree trajectory really doesn’t feel like it’s where you want to be.

🎓 Mads is crying too and blubs out words you didn’t know you needed to hear – both in this exact moment and in many more in the future… “Please do not feel you have to do this for me, Ames – do what makes you happy.” Jeez you are lucky to have a mother who communicates those words to you so often 💜

Switching to Film & TV Production temporarily feels like a great move. Until being told 80% of your course grades is based on work experience. Time to do things your way…😬

🎬 You hustle your way in to working for free as a runner on a handful of independent films in the local area, before getting a call from the 2nd Assistant Director on the set of the fourth Harry Potter movie, saying your CV has made it to her desk and “can you be in Watford tomorrow morning at 5.30am?”

The next 3months are pretty exciting driving teenaged icons around in a golf buggy. A poorly timed (but cheap and v entertaining) holiday to Malia means losing that gig – such is the ruthless competition for freelance entry level jobs in film. Throwing up in the cloisters of Hogwarts after a big night on location in Oxford is a claim to fame worth milking though 👏🏼

Silver linings… temp work back in London means hanging out in cool bars, marginally upgrading your decorum and bagging your first serious boyfriend. You’re so keen to get to your first official date, you trip and fall down an entire flight of stairs on the way out of an office… well played 🤕🤦🏼‍♀️

Settling in to all things ‘adult’, getting a full time job as a marketing assistant for a major theatre producer tops off a pretty great year 🥳 🎉