🤙🏼 This outdoorsy, sun-shiney life suits you. Take note – your soul seems super happy on a beach 😎

👵🏻 Grandparents are awesome. FACT. They’re so much more fun than parents! 🤭 I think they definitely think it’s more fun than being a parent too. Maybe you should aim to be one? Look at all the fun on offer?!

📝 Note: I’m afraid this does mean, though, that you’ll also have to be a parent to get there. You may not feel the need to make a decision on this for a very long time. Try and talk to people about this sooner rather later, instead of than mulling it over in your very busy brain – on top of everything else you are overthinking. Like most things, the journey is probably worth it for the destination! 🤪

🦘Look after the aminals. They are very special and we humans must protect them. Nature can teach us so much about life… which will bring you peace on many occasions when conflicting emotions get tough to process.

When it all gets too much, take some time out in nature (especially at or on the ocean) to observe how the natural world works 🌊

You’ll feel better about it all soon enough when you do – I promise ✨

Do we need to talk about the extremely tight fit of your father’s jeans yet? Nah – the less said about those the better 👀

Your fashion choices are hardly anything to be gloating about… much happier with no clothes it seems? Nice work kiddo! 👏🏼🍑

PLEASE be OK with being this happy in no clothes for as long as possible – it sadly becomes increasingly challenging for us gals to have our bodies on show… sorry about that, we’ll do our best as a society to change that as you get older 🙈